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Why Give Away Your Leads To the Affiliate Product Vendor?
Building a List is Now Easier Than Ever.

amazingcloaker affiliate link cloaking script for internet business

This is an example of the slide-up capture form that you can make with AmazingCloaker.

You can choose from 5 different templates, or you can use your own picture, plus you can create thousands of background variations.

This example footer capture form will disappear after 2 minutes and set a cookie so that it won't appear again if you refresh the page or come back to it again.

The cookie will expire after you close your browser, and you will see the slide-up form again if you return.

Creating the slide-up capture form is very easy, and it will allow you to finally start building that list on auto-pilot while you're generating affiliate sales at the same time!

Here's a screen shot of the Slide-up designer within AmazingCloaker:

slide-up sample

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