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amazingcloaker affiliate link cloaking suite for internet business
  • Stop link hi-jackers in their tracks
  • Embedded cookie feature to boost your commissions
  • Cloak Your Website for the Article Directories!
  • Capture Leads with the Footer Slideup Creator
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

"it's the best of its kind and the savings are potentially unlimited!"

"The AmazingCloaker is, well, truly amazing! I'm just getting started in the Internet World but, to me, this is a no-brainer. How could anyone do affiliate marketing without using the AmazingCloaker? Before buying it I did a lot of research and, in my opinion, it's the best of its kind and the savings are potentially unlimited!

I really consider myself to be a techno-dunce but even I could successfully operate this program - with the support of it's creator, Jack Keifer, who is one of the greatest people you could ever meet, online or offline.

— George Lutz, Charleston, SC

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What's New in AmazingCloaker 7...

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AmazingCloaker is not just a link cloaker, it's an affiliate suite

AmazingCloaker 7 has evolved beyond simple link cloaking. Cloaking your links is a great way to increase your affiliate conversions, but it's only part of the equation.

The top 4 reasons you get shafted

1. Link hi-jacking

People can simply copy your link, paste it into their browser and insert their own affiliate ID in place of yours. Now they get a discount on their purchase and you end up with nothing, notta, zip!

2. Bypassing Your Link Altogether

This visitor simply shaves off your affiliate ID and goes directly to the merchant site. Why would someone do this? Some people just don't want you to make anything from the referral.

3. Not capturing and keeping those hot leads for yourself.

For some reason, this is one of the most overlooked techniques.

You went to all that trouble to make a conversion, so why let your valuable leads slip off into oblivion afterwards?

Obviously, if they're interested in the product, they'll be interested in more stuff. Stuff that you can offer them.

AmazingCloaker now has a built in footer capture form generator which you can use to entice your visitors in a non-intrusive way to sign up to your list before they click through on your affiliate link

Now you not only get an affiliate commission for a sale, but you are effortlessly building a valuable list of proven buyers.

Imagine being able to generate income on demand just by sending an offer to your list.

Click here to see a sample of the Footer Side-up Capture Form

4. Spending too much on top-level domains for article marketing

Many article marketers have learned the gentle art of selling through educating, by writing informative articles that offer a review page link as a reference for the reader to click on to get more info. This of course, is your affiliate product review page.

If the article is written to provide useful information to the reader without being an obvious pitch to sell something, major article direcories such as will accept your articles which can be downloaded and reposted by other webmasters, thus generating lots of exposure for you.

For affiliate marketers, there's a hitch if you want to get published on ezineArticles. You cannot use affiliate links in your articles. But, you can link to your review page as long as it's located on a top level domain.

Here's an exerpt right from the ezineArticles editorial guidelines:

This presents a BIG PROBLEM...

If you write many articles referencing many different products, this means that you have to have a seperate website for each product to which you can link your articles. This can get real expensive, real fast!

Oh, and did I mention that other article directories are adopting the same policies? The article directories need to do this to ensure the quality of their articles, but it's just another slap to the affiliate marketer!

AmazingCloaker Has The Solution...

AmazingCloaker has a built-in URL cloaker so that you can cloak your website for the article directories.

Yep!, you heard me right, now instead of having to buy a seperate webiste for each product you promote through your articles, all you have to do is create a seperate directory on your website for each article, and add your affiliate product review, or framed redirect page to it. Then use our special invisible cloaking code in your home page.

AmazingCloaker will create a specially formatted link that you can use in your article which is fully compliant with the article directories.

Here is an example of a cloaked url for use in your article. Just click either of the links below to see the result.

Example 1: Article link for Blue Widgets:

You can find more info about Blue Widgets at

This cloaked url points to

Example 2: Article link for Red Widgets in a directory 2 levels deep (/widgets/red):

...have been so beneficial. You can click here to investigate more about the health benefits of red widgets.

This cloaked url points to

As you can see above, the links are formatted using "?" and "&" symbols. These are the very same symbols that are typically used in tracking codes. As far as the article directory knows, this is simply a top-level domain url with a tracking variable attached!

Supercharge Your Links With The Embedded Cookie

Did you know that, many people will perceive less credibility in your reviews after seeing an obvious affiliate link? Here's an example of an un-cloaked link:

Wouldn't that put you off from clicking after reading an "un-biased " review? I think we both know the answer to that one.

Most people never really think about it, but often times you lose sales when someone visits your site, looks around and then leaves. Later, they go directly out to the vendor and make the purchase. The time & effort you spent educating the visitor was wasted with no commission to boot.

Suppose that you could still be credited for the sale, because your site was visited first? Doesn't that sound much better?

Let's say these scenarios happen a modest ten times a month at $30 per payout.
That's still a whopping 300 bucks every month!!! ...Yikes!

This was the very thing that inspired me to create the AmazingCloaker software. I've tried other url cloakers out there, and there are a couple that are pretty good. They did the trick when it came to protecting my links.

Like most people, I settled for "good enough". I was reasonably happy with the software.

But then one day as I was looking over my stats, I noticed that about 20-25% of my visitors were clicking through my links. Thus generating a cookie on their machine with my affiliate ID... Cool!


Then I realized that the other 75% of my visitors were simply gone, probably forever.

I had to ask myself, what can I do about that other 75%? Isn't there some way to get another shot from these people?

Suddenly, I had one of those "BOINGGGG!!!" moments...

Why should my visitors have to actually CLICK the link before they get my affiliate cookie?! Why not just cookie them when they arrive?

The same embedded cookie that the visitor normally gets after clicking on the affiliate link is received first!

This feature is truly the affiliate's secret weapon!

What this means is HUGE!!!

How would you like to jump from a measley 20% to
a whopping 100% of visitors being cookied with your affiliate ID ?
  • They bypassed your link and slithered directly over to the merchant?
    The embedded cookie makes sure that you still get credit!

  • They leave and visit your competitor instead?
    The auto cookie can cover you for weeks because you were visited first.

  • Your affiliate link is for the merchant's sales page, but you want to send your visitor directly to the Order Page?
    The AmazingCloaker is equipped to do the job!

Note: Please keep in mind that using embedded cookies can get you BANNED from your affiliate networks. Always check with your affiliate network before using this feature!


AmazingCloaker makes it easy to track your click-thrus with Google Analytics

AmazingCloaker 7 includes an Add Google Analytics Tracking option.
If you are using Google Analytics to track your clicks and conversions, you can select this box and AmazingCloaker will format your cloaked link to be used with your Google Analytics tracking code.

If you've been selling online for any length of time, you know how vital it is to track everything. It's probably the single most important thing you can do in your business.

Now Let me share a little story about how Cloaking saved me from a big headache...

This is something that most people never consider when cloaking their links. In fact, neither did I until one day when I received an email from my product vendor informing me that they had changed affiliate networks, and I needed to update my links to reflect those changes.

My first reaction was "AWWWW MAN!!! That's going to take freakin' forever to change all those links!"

Then I realized that all my links were cloaked. All that I had to do was re-cloak my link with the new affiliate info and re-up the new redirect page back to my site.

Since all those links pointed to my cloaked redirect page, I didn't have to change anything except the redirect page. As a result, all my existing links were instantly updated to reflect the new changes.

This saved me a ton of work and made me very thankful that my links were cloaked!


Do you think it's hard to cloak a link?
See how easy it is with the AmazingCloaker affiliate link cloaking video tutorials!

Secure Your Copy of The Hottest Affiliate Link Cloaker On the Net

AmazingCloaker is a genuine KeiferSoft™ product

Your Cloaked Re-direct and Cookie Code Are Fully Encrypted

If someone tries to read the source of your cloaked page, all they will see is unreadable html hex code as your affiliate link.

Here is a snippet of the generated re-direct page. (framed)
AmazingCloaker Pic

The un-framed versions will not display any redirect source code at all because it's pure PHP or ASP! Your cloaked links are virtually un-detectable!

Your links are perfectly cloaked & no javascript is required for them to work!

The AmazingCloaker works with any affiliate programs!

    Here are just a few:

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • CCBill
  • PayDotCom
  • TotemCash
  • InfusionSoft

Here's how it works in a nutshell

1. Enter the info in the easy to use interface & click "Generate Affiliate Link"

2. That's it! Your redirect page & cloaked links are generated automatically!

Now simply click one of the "Copy Link Code" buttons and paste the code into your webpage!

In this example, the cookie code is included for maximum impact!

The embedded cookie is hex encoded and hidden away in a seperate javascript file, and automatically inserted to your visitor's computer when they visit your site.

If someone tries to read the source of your cloaked redirect page, all they will see is unreadable html hex code as your affiliate link.

Here is a snippet of the generated re-direct page. (framed)
AmazingCloaker Pic

The un-framed versions  will show no redirect source code at all because it's pure PHP or ASP! Your cloaked links are virtually un-detectable!

Your links are perfectly cloaked!

For your convienence, I've added an FTP upload feature! 

3. Simply upload the cloaked redirect page to your webserver.

And here's another sweet little feature...
You can test your cloaked link right from the AmazingCloaker!

Here's a screen shot:

After uploading your cloaked page, just click the test link and your browser will automatically open to your cloaked link, or view it right from inside the AmazingCloaker!

Save Your Cloaking Sessions
With AmazingCloaker, you can save all your cloaking sessions! All of your previously saved sessions are instantly available at the click of a mouse!

There's no need to start over again later just to modify your cloaked affiliate info, or to add it to another of your websites.

Have you ever seen that in a link cloaker before?

Still don't understand how affiliate link cloaking works? Click to see link cloaking explained

See What Others Are
Saying About The AmazingCloaker...

"There's no better feeling than this!"

"-This is truly AMAZING software! It's undeniably underpriced, because it is the best original cloaking software I have literally ever come across!

The greatest part of using the Amazing Cloaker is the peace of mind it gives me. I know I'm not throwing away all of my months hard work because I am receiving all of my affiliate earnings! There's no better feeling than this!

— Lonn T, Florida

"it is one of the easiest tools I have ever set up"

"The Amazing Cloaker not only does what is promised, it is one of the easiest tools I have ever set up and operated.

Plus, and it is a big plus, the commission from two or three link-stealers is all it takes to pay back the purchase price."

— Brendan B. - Australia

"six out of five for the technical support!"

"I've been using AmazingCloaker for about ten months. Apart from other facilities, the software gives the options of framed and unframed link cloaking and it is absolutely reliable.

The "Alternate Link" feature is very clever but the affiliate cookie is the best thing you can get from AmazingCloaker. The updates are regular, the interface is very simple and the whole performance is fantastic.

In general, I would give a rate five out of five for the software and six out of five for the technical support!"

— Efthymios Kinis

With the awesome power of this link cloaker, there's no doubt in my mind that your commissions are going to double, triple or more! After I created the AmazingCloaker, honestly I almost didn't want to share it, because of the advantage it gives me.

I'm still considering a limit to the number of copies I'll make available.

I would bet that you would expect to pay a lot for a link cloaker with such powerful features. I've seen other "standard" link cloakers out there as high as $97, but for a limited time I will be offering this for only $65

You could easily make this back in only 2 recovered conversions!!! From there it's all gravy and the profits are back in your pocket where they belong!

Now is the time to get the edge! With all the time, investment & hard work that you put into your web sites, it only makes sense to have the best tools in your arsenal, including the best link cloaker. AmazingCloaker is the obvious choice.


During the next 30 days, if you're not absolutely convinced that the AmazingCloaker skyrockets your sales, & secures your links, I will refund you 100%

The AmazingCloaker is now available for only $97 $65

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What are the requirements for using AmazingCloaker?

  • AmazingCloaker requires an active internet connection
  • A display resolution of 1024x768 or above
  • AmazingCloaker works with Windows XP - Windows 7 & above, Mac OS X (tiger & above), and Linux (debian / ubuntu)
  • YOU NEED A WEBSITE, with a web host where you can upload your cloaked redirect pages to. -- Your web host must support either PHP or ASP for best results, and allow file uploads via FTP.  99% of all web hosts at least offer PHP in their paid hosting packages.

Note about embedded cookies: Please keep in mind that using embedded cookies can get you BANNED from your affiliate networks. Always check with your affiliate network before using this feature!

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